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Hello and welcome to Cheriana.  Cheriana is a haven for all my creations.  I am a self-taught artist who loves experimenting with colours, lines, shapes and textures digitally  to create unique arts.  I love creating colourful patterns - florals, stripes, geometricals, cut-outs, illusions, kaleidoscopes, and many more.

I have joined Fine Art America in 2018 to showcase my creations with the thought of sharing my art to the world by using their bespoke platform of printing my creations onto different items.  I trust that they will give you satisfaction in delivering their services to you.

I understand my artwork may not be everybody's cup of tea however, I would like to leave the interpretation of my creations to 'the eye of the beholders.'  
I hope you like my arts/designs and photographs.  Nothing will give me more pleasure than to know my work is appreciated.  It is what motivates me to create my art.

Happy Browsing!

Wilma Barnwell

Art Prints

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